Here’s a little info about me …

I assume you’re wondering who I am …

Born, raised, and still residing in NJ within sight of NYC. I’ve always been restless with my needs to be creative, always been fascinated with technology, and always persistent with my independence which has lead me to owning my own business as a professional photographer and director.

At 16 I dropped out of high school to pursue my dream as a working photographer. An overused saying but it’s the truth. I grew up working in the restaurant business while part time in the photography industry. At 22 I left the service industry to go full time as a photographer. 👨🏻‍🎨📸🎥

What do I do exactly? 🧐

I create the photos and videos that company’s from product brands to manufactures use to sell their products. However, equally though to the creating is the consulting. Yes, my job isn’t 100% taking photos (as many believe) but also advising, supporting, and most importantly empathizing with my clients. I know that’s not something you’d normally hear when someone’s describing their profession, but I strive to always be honest, and the truth is people like to work with the people they like.

Now which companies have I shot for? 😮

Large industrial manufactures, CPG Brands, Solo-Entrepreneurs, Venture Captial Groups, Marketing Companies, Ad Agencies, Etc.

But how do the images and videos help? 👀

Trust. I mean yes, the images and videos look nice and professional which people want to see. However, when you boil it down you’ll discover it’s trust. When out shopping have you ever grabbed the box from the back because the one up front had a dent or tear? Maybe it was a can? Maybe even professional service with a better logo? You’re not shallow. You’re human and for a numerous amount of reasons you felt more trust with your final decision.

That’s what I aim to create your for brand. Trust enables confidence to buy which means sales for the business.

I can guarantee one thing. Before they buy, they need to see and we all know how important first impressions can be.

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